Action Plan

Federal Council Action Plan


GPC members around the country before and since the 2019 Federal election confirm a shared sense of urgency around the opportunity for a change in the structure and operations of the Federal Council. Those conversations have led to discussions about a common theme regarding the changes needed and putting forward a group of candidates for election to the Federal council who once elected will be committed to implementing those changes.

Enabling purpose:
To elect a clear majority of Federal Council committed to putting the new mandate in action by:

i) Form campaign team coast to coast
ii) Estimate capabilities/needs matrix for council
iii) Discuss with candidates proposed intentions for common-purpose, with special attention to diversity requirements
iv) Summary of intentions published by all common-purpose candidates
v) Common website for candidates
vi) Phone/Slack/FB/Instagram campaign to all
vii) Candidates to have virtual meetings in all regions
viii) Bring out the vote, especially with concentration on new voters

It is understood that the precise definition of this plan and the underlying tasks will be subject to discussion and agreement among all members of Council, including those from this alliance and incumbent Councillors. The candidates here commit, whether or not they are elected, to continuing to put forward best efforts in Committees or other venues to do the work outlined here. We all pledge to work transparently and in good faith with the incumbents to come to agreement on this plan or a subset of it, and to work diligently in Council and Committees to put it in place.

Work of the new Federal Council:

The new Federal Council will embrace and commit to the Vision, Values & Mission as described:

A Council Vision that:
 represents all the diverse points of view of the Green Party and the people of Canada;
 is the central node for communications among the various elements of the Party;
 is actively and continually engaged with members and local EDAs to build and maintain member and volunteer engagement;
 is continually engaged with staff to set strategic direction, meet specified outcomes, and report periodically to members; is responsible to members for its conduct and achievement of specified outcomes.

Council Values: Councillors will:
 adhere to 6 Green principles: ecological wisdom, social justice, participatory democracy, nonviolence, sustainability, respect for diversity;
 support inclusivity, respect, and transparency;
 promote helpfulness, facilitation and active support of member-initiated efforts to further the interests of the movement;
 uphold the practice of speaking one message through many voices;
 speak truth to each other and speak truth without criticism about what Council has decided.

Council Mission: to create a new mandate for Federal Council that:
 promotes an active and engaged council;
 supports effective two-way communication and team-building with EDAs and members;
 rebuilds the committee structure for council and volunteer engagement in all critical activities;


1. Measurable actions for consideration and ratification at October 2020 convention:

a) Facilitate generation by members and EDAs of renewed statement of vision and mission;
b) Third-party evaluation of election campaign;
c) Recommend to EDAs and members, and facilitate bylaw changes to modernize governance processes
d) Give effect to council resolutions of November 2019:

appoint diversity advocate
appoint youth co-ordinator
expand support for Shadow Cabinet

2. Revamp and expand Council committee structure and responsibilities

a) Standing Committees (suggested, subject to final determination):
(1) Governance, Finance, Human Resources, Membership, Election Readiness
(2) Liaison: Caucus/Shadow Cabinet/International Green
(3) International/pan-Canadian Green Liaison
(4) Youth Engagement
(5) Inclusivity and Diversity

b) Ad Hoc Committees (suggested, subject to final determination):
(1) Leadership
(2) Convention
(3) Vision
(4) Election Evaluation:
c) Committee chairs elected Council members
d) Vice-chairs candidates for Council who were not elected
e) Careful attention to principles of diversity and inclusion

To end of Council Term

3. Work through remaining 18 months until next Council election

a) Revise bylaw, council handbook to enable changes in governance processes above
b) Establish succession planning for Councillors as Governance Committee priority
c) Work with new ED and senior staff to define new operational procedures and reporting responsibilities for strategic planning, budgeting, and HR
d) Evaluate overall structural issues within party – role of Leader, Caucus, Shadow Cabinet, EDAs, members and interactions with Council and party staff
e) With ED and senior staff, establish end goals/milestones for all activities
f) Work with ED, Senior Staff, Caucus and Shadow Cabinet to build an operational bilingual party
g) Build links with international/provincial/municipal Green parties
h) Provincial/Territory Reps to meet virtually with all EDAs monthly, in-person gatherings as possible
i) Council to meet virtually monthly during first year, face-to-face twice yearly
j) Executive and senior staff to meet monthly, review progress against end goals/milestones

k) End-of-year reviews:
(1) self-evaluations all councillors, senior staff;
(2) council evaluations senior staff,
(3) external evaluations full council