George Orr (British Columbia)

I grew up in Toronto. I was there at the start of Pollution Probe, Canada’s first environmental movement in 1969. Also the first full-time reporter for the York University newspaper Excalibur that same year. But couldn’t do both. Objective journalism won out over activism.

I moved to Vancouver forty five years ago and worked in the city’s major radio and television newsrooms. My professional career has been spent trying to help British Columbians make sense of our world. I taught news at the B.C. Institute of Technology while producing seven independent documentaries, including my award-winning work on climate change. Throughout I remained the devoutly objective reporter.

Until now, because we are running out of time and I have to act. I fully embrace this strong, principled, science-based Green stance. I ran as the candidate in North Vancouver and spent nine months listening to the genuine concerns of our community. I had hoped the Green Party would be a cohesive proactive resource, and I still believe that is possible.

Green may well be the pivot around which the world turns. Our job on the Federal Council is to bring that about.

I have the communications skills needed to drive our Green message into the mainstream conversation and the passion to advocate in these increasingly dark days. We each see that place of hope, but we need to drive hard to get there. The choices we make here will set us on a course that will determine the fate of our children.