Kate Storey – Fund Representative (Treasurer)

The GPC Fund is a board of directors which serves as the official agent for the Green Party of Canada. As Fund Representative, my role will be to serve on the GPC Fund board and on Federal Council, informing the decisions of Council with knowledge of the business of the Fund, and then informing the Fund of Council  decisions.
Responsible: I work to ensure that party operations recognize and respect the party’s legal obligations and our commitment to fiscal responsibility. As a business owner and past Chamber of Commerce president,  I bring extensive board and financial experience to the Fund and to Council.
Grassroots Engagement: I am committed to positive collaboration, respect for diverse opinions and am dedicated to the Green principles of living within our means and grassroots democracy. I work to ensure that members and electoral district associations are respected, supported and treated as valued members of the GPC team.
Respect: Council’s role is to understand the needs of members, candidates and EDAs and to make decisions that build our party’s political capacity while respecting Green Values.

GPC Council election candidate for Fund Representative