Adrian Currie (Ontario)

I am a Canadian-Jamaican. I was born in Jamaica and immigrated to Canada at a young age. I am a very proud Canadian. I joined the Green Party in 2009 to volunteer in a Toronto by-election. Since that time, my purpose has been to grow the Party and help make it strong, diverse and relevant. I am running to be the Ontario Representative to help modernize the Green Party. I would like to increase the rigour and competence of the GPC and increase its diversity with a young, fresh perspective. I hope to bring fresh ideas to the council with a new, unjaded perspective.

The lack of diversity within our party structures, and the absence of a diversity strategy, is a serious impediment to our growth as a party and compromises the quality of the Council’s work. I plan to lead by example and help attract other diverse candidates to the Council and the Green Party. I want to work with the Council to identify and eliminate the systemic barriers to the participation of equity-seeking groups and to proactively seek out their participation in the governance of the party.

I am bilingual, and I plan to make the party more inclusive to Francophones. I plan to do that by increasing the use and quality of French in everyday party communications. I plan to use my extensive governance experience help improve party efficiency, be that as a working board or a governing board. I plan to work with my colleagues to improve the Council’s strategic planning by liaising directly with our members and through their EDAs.

Finally, I plan to grow our membership by reaching out to young people who are accomplished professionals and who are influencers in their fields (approach almost every young person I know who marched in a Fridays for Future event or a climate march and by contacting every Top 30 Under 30 entrepreneur I can find and ask them to join the GP).

There is so much we can do to improve our Party and I think that it starts with Federal Council. Canadians are counting on us to deliver by finding a new way to govern in our democracy. A way that is inclusive, that reflects our diversity and one that leaves nobody behind. A truly 21 Century Party.