Lorraine Rekmans (Ontario)

I support a Federal Council that is diverse, inclusive, respectful, transparent, and representative of the membership. Federal Council must adhere to the six principles of the Green Party. It must embody the vision and mission of the Green Party and be responsible to provide central communications across various parts of the GPC. Communications must ensure we are conveying a clear message and vision, and that we all understand and stand by our mission statement.

Councillors must provide clear direction to staff and help facilitate expected outcomes when required to ensure that GPC is responsive to members. Federal Council must be open and responsive to members and assist grassroots efforts to grow the GPC, including building an expanded membership and a wider volunteer base, as well as ensuring all Canadians are familiar with the Green Party of Canada.

The governance structures supporting Federal Council must be reviewed to ensure they allow for stable governance, financial surety, and election readiness. Federal council is ultimately responsible for setting strategy, budgets, and indicators to evaluate performance. As Federal Council holds a duty of care to protect the organization they must be accountable, however given the level of work required at this time, Federal Council will have to work closely to encourage membership participation to achieve success.

As a grass-roots party, member participation is essential. To do politics differently, this means inclusivity and reliance on member participation. The GPC must distinguish itself as a trusted party of people and we will need to demonstrate our people are engaged.