Keith Towse (Nova Scotia)

I would like to contribute my energy and enthusiasm to the work of the Federal Council and its committees as Nova Scotia Representative. If elected I would work with other members of the new Federal Council to commit staff and resources to build an active, diverse and engaged membership. We should support the development of strong EDA’s across Canada. It is vital that GPC improves communications, both externally in promotion of Green policies, and internally with members, EDA’s and campaigns. Federal Council should strengthen the role of sub-committees to enable more people to participate in its work – if there are changes which will make it easier for staff and volunteers to get our message out more effectively, we should make them.

I joined the Green Party in 2011. I felt like I was coming home to long held beliefs, having a life-long commitment to social justice, sustainability and renewable energy issues, and being active in the Green Party in the UK before coming to Canada in 1995. I volunteered for Jo-Ann Robert’s campaign last year and am now CEO of the Halifax EDA. I am also active in the Green Party of Nova Scotia, and serve on the Executive and as Official Agent. I co-own a small business that builds wind farms with communities, including First Nations, across the Maritimes. I have volunteered for many community-based organizations and renewable energy industry associations and initiatives in Nova Scotia, often in governance roles.  

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