Dana Taylor (British Columbia)

As a candidate – first for the BC Greens in the 2017 BC election, and then for the Green Party of Canada in the 2019 Federal election (22.4% – 9th Green In Canada), I have first-hand experience: not only from listening to voters’ demand for Green policies, but also knowledge of the kind of material support from the National Office that we need to make a Green Wave happen. As a career association executive, as well as a founder and director of other mission-driven organizations over the years, I have the experience and skills and know specifically how to create the support structure that will finally turn Canada Green.

Why Now?

The Green Party of Canada is changing. Our political and party leadership is in transition. Party
members want to support an organization that can succeed.

My commitment to make this happen is to:

  • Help renew our vision, culture, mission and strategy;
  • Give grassroots organizers a place to connect and communicate;
  • Improve our internal communications to better meet the actual needs of members, staff, and candidates;
  • Resolve our governance and operations issues to ensure effective results;
  • Provide a frontline Ombudsperson Official to facilitate member-party interactions;
  • Establish a performance mandate for Federal Council members;
  • Create and implement a marketing and advertising strategy that with continuous links to current events of political relevance;
  • Activate and empower our electoral district associations (EDAs) to conduct year-round education and public service campaigns;
  • Generate and deliver simple messages from policy and platform to overpower common misconceptions of what Green means in Canada