Bob Mackie (British Columbia)

A memory that will always stay with me is receiving a phone call at Moby’s Pub on Salt Spring Island from Elizabeth May thanking us just before she went on TV with her acceptance speech as the first Green Member of Parliament in Canada. My experience of being a past President of the party, EDA organizing and knocking on doors for many EDAs; will help us to grow the party and continue to make a difference together.

I am not a policy wonk but I am a proportional representation wonk and on the National Council at Fair Vote Canada. Other skills are with GVote, running webinars and online teaching. I commit to listening . . . to meeting with and talking to party members across BC. That will inform my commitment to initiatives, but at this point some for your consideration are:

● Establishing a West Coast Regional office to be shared with Greens from BC and Vancouver as a test for other Regional Offices across Canada.
● Improving our grassroots policy development process by being more inclusive, using online tools and perhaps having regional policy development meetings.
● Helping EDAs with GVote and other training webinars.
● Find a young person who would be interested in running for BC Representative in 2022 and helping/mentoring them to do so.
● Reaching out to previous Presidents of the Green Party to discuss forming an advisory group.

My son lives in Ottawa so I am there often and can meet with GPC staff.