Michael Pilling (Ontario)

The Green Party of Canada is, I believe, the party most able to make a political breakthrough to achieve a more just and more sustainable society, this is not to say it will be easy. We all want to do our best to make a difference, I am doing this for my daughters and our future generations.

I have solid roots in the party, and our traditions and values. I was first a member back in the late 1990’s, and have held important positions in the “second wave” of development 2000-2005 that allowed us to run a full slate of candidates both provincially and federally and achieve a new level of national recognition. I have organized large teams of mainly volunteers, first as operations coordinator for the GPO and then for the GPC as the co-creator and co-ordinator of the Living Platform process. I was a co-creator of the Bonser Method, as first instituted in the GPO, and helped to create the GPO’s hybrid delegate system. I think my most useful attribute as a green is being able to see process and decision making problems in real time and collaborating with others to bring solutions to fix them. I believe that volunteers are the soul of this party and leveraging them effectively is the only way we can win. I am very committed to transparent and just internal processes. Those who know me know me well can attest I don’t play favorites, I am good at de-escalating tensions, and stay cool in stressful situations.

It looks like we are heading into (again) a situation of major turnover of councillors at the federal level. In my past observation, and from what i am told, council can be a “pressure cooker” it burns people out. The burnout is because we have had chronic governance problems, some of which are common in all political parties, some of which are due to the heavy turnover rate which has plagued us. We often don’t have enough institutional memory on council how to do things right. To compound this, federal council should for important decisions, be regularly consulting with EDA’s and they have generally failed to do so. I have dealt with similarly difficult situations and have a good track record at untangling problems, staying consistent with our values knowing when we need to pause and consult more widely to achieve the best results for the party.

I believe we can make history in two more election cycles. In previous cycles it was chosen to concentrate our efforts, narrow the focus and elect the 3 MP’s we have now, the sacrifice in that strategy was a weakened party outside the targeted areas. The next phase has to be a broad approach to increase members, train our volunteers and build 100 strong EDA’s with the capacity to canvas every block. To achieve this i think its critically important that the

Green Party has to “Be Itself”. We cannot, and will not inspire the present membership nor the next wave of members to put their hearts and backs into a party that is merely a smaller imitation of the other parties. In the distant and recent past we have made huge errors, by importing rules or consultants who knew nothing about our traditions and values and we did not have the confidence to tell them their solutions were either wrong or needed to be adapted in a different way to work within our traditions. That being said we need to be focused and disciplined to do the hard work, get the ground game going and win the 20,000 votes we need in each riding one at a time.