Governance Resources

There are excellent Canadian resources providing guidance on governance for not-for-profit (“NFP”) organizations. While the Green Party of Canada is not a classic single-purpose NFP, still these resources will be useful as GPC modernizes its governance practices.

A good summary resource is linked here: “20 Questions Directors of NFPs should ask about . . .”. This is a quick read, 10-page downloadable file that will help Councillors to better understand their responsibilities. It contains links to 16 relevant documents.

“A key message in this guide is that good governance should be anchored
to relevant legislation and to the work of the board, rather than to a specific
model. The reason for this is straightforward: if an NFP board adopts a governance
model off-the-shelf, the temptation may be to adopt the model verbatim.
Doing so risks turning the focus toward making the NFP fit the model, with little
attention of the NFP’s practical needs. The questions in this document offer
a starting point for initiating discussions among directors about how to tailor
their NFP’s governance framework to suit its circumstances and objectives.”

The Institute of Corporate Directors also provides numerous courses on governance. Don’t be misled by “corporate” in the title – the principles of good governance apply to NFPs, Crown agencies, credit unions and banks, churches and soccer clubs, and yes, the Green Party of Canada.

““The ICD NFP program delivers great insight into the group decision-making process.  The real life study scenarios and the mix of expertise from the instructors and participants provide for an exhilarating atmosphere of learning.  Good governance is not a race to make decisions, and the program teaches to consider all options before reaching the best decision for the organization.” 
Vern Bacchu, ICD.D