Eric Larouche (Ontario)

GPC NEEDS: gain seats. Our green message currently transmitted to Canadians isn’t catching traction. GPC needs to reach to blue, red, orange voters to grow.


Help Canadians better understand the green platform. Better understand how Greens can recruit other political parties’ voters.

FACTS: We all saw the 2019 results. Greens, moderate and independent votes aren’t enough; we need support from blue, red and orange voters. I don’t claim to know how but after all the global 2019 climate change publicity, Greta Thunberg, GPC Leader Elizabeth May and having 94% of our population believing in climate change, the majority of this 94% isn’t supporting drastic and bold moves, or don’t know what we mean. How to approach this is very important, or we won’t improve GPC support. People don’t want to lose what they have. Many people are concerned, but not enough. Everyone hear same thing (from politicians, daily news, social media, ect…), but analyses it their own way, creating their own views. Many don’t read party platforms; many are misled and left confused. Some are loyal for life. Even with a clear platform, best interest at heart, bold vision, we must be realistic and remember even when hearing same things; voters aren’t driven by the same views. Our job is to find out what make people click, help people better understand what Greens mean.

Being part of the GPC at any level is challenging if we are serious about implementing the changes we know are necessary for a better future. I do not have all the answers, but as I worked on this for a few months, I’m starting to believe we as leaders need to inform others the GPC platform isn’t a threat, we have same goals, similarities and that we can lead the way there without hurting the economy – if well planned and organized. We need to show, demonstrate and prove this to gain their trust.

As a member on the GPC Fed. Council, Ontario representative, I simply hope to help the process using my life experience and skill set.